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Efficient LED Grow light

Redefining horticultural lighting

The most effective, environmentally beneficial solution for plant growth through LED grow lighting.

Refinement through innovation

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Superior components targeting optimum photosynthesis light spectrum and energy efficiency.

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Fined tuned to optimize the required spectrum and intestity needed for growth.

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Nutrient requirement reduction as well as reducing mould and fungul infections.

LED grow light

Our Mission

To provide the most power efficient LED grow light in the world that provides the optimal light intensity and spectrum for cannabis growth. DTI is making intelligent light simple. This light brings cutting edge technology to an expanding market sector. The second nature horticulture light will cut operation costs dramatically yet still deliver expected yield and potency from the crop. A new era in horticultural grow lighting.

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Efficient LED grow light


Constructed of top quality components and cutting edge heat sink technology they contain no moving parts creating a durable, and guaranteed lifecycle of up to 5 years. Each DTI LED grow light features a water resistant sealed construction and can be washed down without the need to remove any fixtures from their mounts. DTI LED’s are specifically designed and arranged to cater to the plants growth needs. Power from the lights are utilized to optimum levels can draw up to 10 times less than an equivalent High Pressure Sodium unit.

LED grow light


Proudly made in Canada our grow lights are cutting edge in technology and design that is ahead of the pack in efficacy and durability. Only premium components are used in the manufacturing of our lights with precision high tech robotics to make our product stand out against the competition.

LED grow light
Second Nature Horticultural LED Grow Light

Second Nature Horticultural Light

A specialized fixture using proprietary implementation of specific LEDs and superior components targeting what is considered optimum photosynthesis light spectrum. The result is unmatched durability, and energy efficiency in light output for energy use.

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Join us in a new era of horticultural lighting.